Frequently asked Questions

Answer: Our company’s quota is limited to 50 vehicles per month.
We sell 35 cars for delivery, 15 cars for self-delivery, so if you or your representatives wish to come personally for a car, specify a free date for arrival and sign up in advance.

Answer: You cannot do this, you are not a participant in the auction where cars are bought from official dealers and leasing companies.

Answer: No, according to the privacy policy, data about our clients is not public.

Answer: There are no public sites, all offers are individualized for each participant.

Answer: All vehicles are fully tested by qualified specialists with many years of experience, according to the contract for the supply of a vehicle, we guarantee the delivery of a car without accidents and colors.

Answer: In any convenient way, in any convenient currency, even cryptocurrency.

Answer: The main condition for the sale of a car at an auction must be its export outside Germany.

Answer: Yes, of course, there are no legal restrictions.

Answer: The prices are indicated with customs clearance, it remains to pay the delivery and the auction fee.

Answer: A contract for the supply of a vehicle from our company.

all cars are in perfect condition, this is the rule of the auction, the condition of new cars.

On our resources, our contacts Telegram, WhatsApp are listed everywhere.

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